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Jurisdiction: Telecommunications

The Public Utilities Division implements the Commission's statutory responsibilities concerning the regulation of telecommunications service in North Dakota. Stated generally, this authority is evolving while the industry transitions to a competitive market structure.

The Public Service Commission has traditional regulatory authority, including authority over rates, terms and conditions of service, for only one telecommunications company, which has opted for this traditional regulation. Similar traditional regulation is applicable to the access service provided by other cooperative and small investor-owned companies that have chosen this traditional regulation for their access service. The access service of all others, and the access and local services provided by Qwest (CenturyLink), are price capped by law, although company election of traditional regulation still remains an option. Except for disconnect issues, the rates, terms and conditions of the local telecommunications service of small investor-owned companies and cooperatives are outside the Commission's jurisdiction.

Long distance service has been transitioning to a competitive market for many years, and since 1996 by federal mandate, local service is following the same path. The Public Utilities Division implements the Commissions growing role in resolving disputes between companies arising out of the transition to competition.


Telecommunications Company Online Registration

VoIP telecommunications companies
Please Note:
Telecommunications companies that are not incumbent telecommunications companies and are solely providing Internet protocol-enabled service as defined under North Dakota Century Code section 49-21-01(9), or solely providing voice over internet protocol service as defined under North Dakota Century Code section 49-21-01(22), are not required to register with, or obtain a certificate of public convenience and necessity from, the Public Service Commission before providing telecommunications services in North Dakota.

Resellers of Telecommunications Services and Facilities
Please Note:
A company reselling local or long-distance telecommunications services and facilities in North Dakota, as defined under North Dakota Administrative Code section 69-09-05-04, is required to register with the Public Service Commission.


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