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600 E. Boulevard Ave., Dept. 408
Bismarck, ND 58505-0480

701.328.2400 - Phone
877.245.6685 - Toll-Free
800.366.6888 - TTY
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Policy Memoranda

  1. Withdrawn
  2. Mine Personnel Accompanying Commission Representatives During Mine Inspections
  3. Covering Toxic-Forming Materials with Nontoxic Material and Covering Combustible Materials with Noncombustible Material
  4. Payment of Charges for Analysis of Soil, Spoil and Water Samples Taken by Public Service Commission (PSC) Representatives
  5. Suitable Plant Growth Material Removal
  6. Activities Covered by Surface Coal Mining Permits
  7. Coordination of State Regulatory Program Surface Coal Mining Operation Communications with the Public Service Commission (PSC), State Department of Health (SDH), and State Water Commission (SWC)
  8. Applicability of the Ten-Year Revegetation Liability Period Pursuant to NDCC 38-14.1-24(18)
  9. Clarification of Bond Release Notice Requirements of NDCC 38-14.1-17
  10. Clarification of 1) standards and methods for proving reclamation success on cropland areas disturbed after July 1, 1975 and not used in support of mining after May 3, 1978, 2) management practices for all reclaimed cropland, and 3) breaking pre-cropland grass-legume stands prior to final bond release.
  11. Sedimentation Pond Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance
  12. Impoundment Certifications and Impoundment Inspection Reports by a Registered Professional Engineer
  13. Withdrawn
  14. Clarification of Annual Map Requirements, North Dakota Administrative Code (NDAC) Section 69-05.2-13-02
  15. Performance Bond Release for Disposal Operations Located on Mined Lands
  16. Reclamation Cost Estimating Guidelines for Establishing Performance Bond Amounts
  17. Suitable Plant Growth Material (SPGM) Removal and Redistribution under NDAC Chapter 69-05.2-15, as revised January 1, 1987
  18. Policy for Allowing a Performance Bond to Cover More than One Permit Area
  19. Guidelines for Sedimentation Pond Removal and Pond Site Reclamation
  20. Performance Bond Responsibility Period for Water Management and other Support Facilities
  21. Mine Waste Disposal
  22. Re-permitting Reclaimed Lands that have received Final Bond Release
  23. Mine related roads subject to design and performance standards and road certification requirements

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