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600 E. Boulevard Ave., Dept. 408
Bismarck, ND 58505-0480

701.328.2400 - Phone
877.245.6685 - Toll-Free
800.366.6888 - TTY
701.328.2410 - Fax

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Public Awareness: Consumer Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Public Service Commission have jurisdiction over cable TV?

The Public Service Commission does not have jurisdiction over cable TV. Cable TV is franchised on the local (city) level and regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Does the Public Service Commission regulate gravel pits?

No, the Commission does not regulate the reclamation of gravel pits, nor does any other state agency. However, North Dakota Century Code Section 38-16-01.1 requires the mine operator to reclaim the affected lands under the terms of a written agreement negotiated with the landowner. The reclamation agreement must provide for restoring the land to the agreed upon contour and usability, indicate the amount of topsoil and subsoil to be saved and respread, and indicate the party responsible for preparing the affected land for seeding and the related revegetation work. The reclamation work must be completed within the agreed upon time period, but no later than one year after final cessation of the mining operation. If the mine operator fails to complete the work required by the reclamation agreement, the landowner may bring a claim for relief in district court against the mine operator.

Does the Public Service Commission regulate gasoline prices?

The Public Service Commission does not regulate gasoline prices. Please contact the ND Petroleum Council at 701-223-6380.

Do I contact the Public Service Commission regarding my electric, gas or telephone disconnect notice?

The first thing to do is contact your utility company to discuss your situation and, if you wish, to set up payment arrangements. The toll-free telephone number for each utility company should be located on your individual billing statement. If you are not able to get the issue resolved with your utility company, and your company is not an electric cooperative, then contact the Public Service Commission, 701-328-2400.

Does the Public Service Commission regulate ND Motor Carriers?

The Commission regulated some sectors of the motor carrier industry until the Legislature deregulated trucking rates and services in 1995. The Commission no longer has any regulatory authority over truck or bus companies. The North Dakota Department of Transportation has some regulatory authority over trucking companies that transport household goods. Concerns related to interstate trucking companies and passenger bus service should be directed to the federal Surface Transportation Board.

Is this where I check on the validity of a company or promotion I received in the mail?

The Public Service Commission can help you if the company you're checking on is a utility company such as telephone, natural gas or electric. We can tell you if the company is authorized to do business in North Dakota. In other cases, contact the ND Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-472-2600 or 701-328-3404.

Where do I obtain a Contractor's License?

Contact the ND Secretary of State's Office at 701-328-2900.

How do I handle a dispute with a telephone or electric cooperative?

Except for disconnect issues related to service from telephone cooperatives, the Public Service Commission does not get involved with disputes between cooperatives and their members. Members with concerns about cooperative service or bills should contact the cooperative directly or a member of the cooperative's board of directors.

When do the Commissioners' terms expire?

The Commission is comprised of three Commissioners who are elected on a statewide basis to staggered six-year terms.

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